Training to BSE Proficiency Standards

The centre must be accredited in transthoracic echocardiography at standard level.

Staffing and training

  1. Each centre must have a BSE Accredited individual responsible for training. This person may be from a Medical or HCS background.
  2. Staffing levels and workload must be appropriate to the number of trainees to ensure adequate clinical capacity.  (As a guideline rather than an absolute requirement, BSE would usually expect to see two BSE accredited staff and 2000 echoes p.a. for a department to accommodate one trainee.)
  3. At least one, and ideally two protected tutorial half-day sessions must be provided each week for both trainer and trainee.
  4. Access must be provided for both trainer and trainees to local, national and international meetings.
  5. There must be regular weekly Departmental case review sessions.


  1. Core library e.g. 3 up to date echo textbooks and 1 general cardiology textbook in the Department and access to cardiology journals electronically or within the hospital
  2. Training material-tapes/CDs/digital cases, etc.
  3. Internet access should be available to all staff